Locked Down but Not Out!

Hopefully, not too little too late but we’ll see. I think we’re amongst the lucky ones, as we are not in work, not in the city or in a small flat. Our boating life has caused us to stock up on the basics anyway, so I think we’ll be OK . . . it’s just all the rest!!

So, isolation > routine> exercise> keep busy . . . Joe Wix (The Body Coach) has some good workouts on YouTube . . . I put my Muse & Trance music on the HiFi and do 3 x 15 minute sessions a week . . . you don’t need much kit . . . just a bit of space . .

Sit ups plus sooo much more with the big ball!
this little wheel helps get that six pack . . .hmm, a long way off I think
Star Jumps . . or any activity is good for mind & soul
meanwhile back in the garden, I found another item – two bagders!
I was tempted to “do” a Chris Packham piece to camera – this boring looking evergreen shrub, really doesn’t look much and some would consider hacking down for a more floral item . . . but come, look a bit closer . . . .
. . . it is full of bugs . . . hmm, shield bugs . . . not exactly good for the plants or are they?
. . but there were also dozens of ladybirds . . . all hibernating in the thick bush over winter . . . now bursting out and, um, doing what comes naturally . . . making more ladybirds . . .
. . .and meanwhile back indoors, the other displacement activity . . . making beer! This kit from lovebrewing.co.uk is Founders Double American IPA and had 2x3kg of concentrated liquid malt plus 2 x bags of Citra & Summit hops to add later. Plus 2 x 40g of US West Coast yeast . . . hmm, smells good. Will take a few weeks to complete its magic of turning sugar into alcohol but I’m collecting 1 litre tonic etc bottles to put the beer in.
The original gravity was 1080, which shows how much sugar is in the brew – rather a lot! . . . if all this ferments out, we’ll have a rather powerful beer – they expect around 8%!!

Viv’s been busy too – making Cawl, the famous Welsh soup…..