Carrying On but not quite Calm

I know we came here for peace and quiet; a kind of isolation and tranquility but it is spookily quiet now. No cars, trucks or planes. It seems, at last, people are taking things seriously and are staying home. We’ve had a delivery from Veg Patch in St David’s – fruit, veg & milk – many thanks. They’re doing a grand job. We are trying to occupy ourselves – chatting with folk on the phone, email, Alexa etc. Trying to limit our intake of depressing news. Exercising and going out for the permitted walk with Toby. They have closed lots of the coastal path – mainly areas where there are car parks and walks where people will have to squeeze together. Luckily, our stretch is OK and we can do a circular loop. The garden is coming along – orange tulips! There’s lots to do to keep us busy…..

Our bit of the coastal path – glorious day – temperatures reaching 16 degrees
Less than a kilometre from the house (see the big tree again? That’s us!) And if you look very closely, there’s a chap just down from the path. Looks like he’s clearing the path down to the beach (unofficial!!), prob for the summer . . .
Short, unedited videos of our walk . .
Must be Spring as there are lots of flowers coming out – we think this is Sea Campion
And violets? Tempted to make violet vodka but apparently, you need several 1,000 of them, so I’ll leave em be.
Meanwhile but at the house – our patch continues to amaze with some orange tulips, masses of primroses and buzzing bees
the F1 hybrid Italian chilli peppers are continuing to impress – should pot them on soon
Bit of an oops with the beer! I was awakened in the early hours of the morning with hissing – the yeast had gone bonkers, gorging itself on the sugar, producing shed loads of foam, which blocked the airlock and oh, oh, nearly blew the fermanting bin up. Luckily I removed the air lock and let it continue fizzing . . . bit of a clear up later. It’s OK and gently bubbling away . . .