It’s March – a lost year

Yes, another year goes by . . .it seems a long time ago that we were sat in the bar of the Square and Compass, listening to the phone ringing and hearing people after people cancelling their Mother’s Day meal . .. Covid was coming. So what news? Spring is here – hordes of daffodils everywhere, which is nice. The greenhouse has gone back up – but will it stay up? Viv’s cross-stitch is coming along nicely. Grayson Perry’s Art Club is back on – which is really great and uplifting. The bird camera has been redeployed to record our night visitors – badgers!!

Is that Steve or the Mad Druid? Hoping to see the Mother Ship . . .again . . . no chance
Viv’s cross-stitch is coming along nicely -hours and hours of work in this . . . .
Down at Aberfelin, the cottage garden is full of daffodils
Yes, 8 hours of solid labour and the greenhouse is resurrected – some new bits plus 2 anchor lines and cable ties to stop the panels from blowing out – shall we run a sweepstake on when it’ll all come down?
A short video of my “Robot Dreams . . . .of Bacon” . . .shimmering in the sunlight

You can just make out the anchor wires and also the cable ties which go through the plastic panels
Seven minutes of spliced together short videos of our night visitor . . .watch out for the guest appearance of the cat!