Sunday Stroll

With the police on patrol to enforce the illegal gatherings of the populace at car parks and lay-bys . . .we went for a Sunday afternoon stroll from the house . . .out along the Abercastle road, turning off to Pwll Long, across the fields to the coastal path and round to Abercastle but turning up to Carreg Samson and then home on the road.

Still very impressed by our local environment – just a short step away from the house and we’re on the coastal path with views out to sea
I went down to the beach the other day – just to check on the path and apart from a few briars, it was fine. I long to be there when it warms up.
Got to introduce a bit of melancholy here – the view back across the fields
Approaching Castell Coch – it looks like Viv is causing the earth to move just by staring at it!
Toby – probably 14 this year but still very energetic out on a walk, he’ll be crippled later but he does enjoy his walk
Round towards Abercastle
And up past Carreg Samson – strange vibes from this ancient burial mound gives weird photo effect
And back up the road we noticed that there was a thin rainbow-like apparition to the left of the sun, yes, it’s a sundog! You can see a much better one from our blog some years ago:

How time flies when you’re having fun . . .

Thought I would add a few photos out of the 100’s taken over the last three months….a lot has happened. We’re now in Lockdown 3.0 – the worst sequel ever! They said that if we had “got away” with just 20,000 deaths from Covid we’d be lucky….well, as I write it’s 100,000 – bing! Another world beater, eh? Could we have done better – I think so . . .some countries are surprised to get one death . . (China) and many others have almost returned to normal . . .Oz, NZ . . .. Facebook post below is interesting . . .

Christmas! Yes, that came and went . .usual mixed messages and U-turns . . .have Christmas, Don’t have Christmas, Go to school, Don’t go to school . . .it is panto season after all and we have a clown in charge. A brief hail storm left this picture and you can see the free Xmas tree – courtesy of our village community group (GTI) – in aid of cheering the place up . . .
In other news . . . the new plug-in Prius is doing well, we have the Octopus Go tariff – 14p peak and 5p off peak, so we charge up the car at 0100 – brings cost of driving down to 1p/mile – the old Prius costs 10p/mile. Not that we have anywhere to go . . . . .
Welcome to 2021 . . . Mum’s had her first jab . . .we may get ours by the Spring . . . .
Combining trips to shops, chemist, vets with a walk for Toby – here at Fishguard fort
We can still get to local beaches – which we seem to have to ourselves . .
Another casualty – the Pembrokeshire winds did for the greenhouse (23rd Dec – gusts over 40 mph) – luckily it’s all plastic and so I’ll rebuild it in the Spring . . .the sellers have agreed to send a few spare parts and an anchoring kit – so thumbs up for Palram greenhouses.

There are lots of photos but I’ll leave you with this one – a lucky piece of timing, from our garden and maybe an optimistic view for the future . . . .it’s life, Jim but not as we know it!