What day is it? What season? Will the wind ever stop blowing? How have 1 in 400 people been allowed to die in the UK? Are you all basking in the glory that is Brexit? Meanwhile….try to be upbeat Steven . . .reading Failures of State – good book. Watching films, playing games, getting jabbed, keeping our heads down, barely going out, definitely not meeting people . . .the usual.

Just what we need to “look after ourselves” – chocolate and CBD oil
Dusted off this old game – Viv won in just over an hour! Oh well, back in the box
I kept getting these cards . . . .
Managed to get back to Whitesands and walk up Carn Llydi – amazing atmospherics allowing us to see the bishops and Smalls lighthouses plus follow the Stena line ferry almost into Rosslare . . .
Even though we’re now allowed to move around Wales, there’s little traffic and few people – here’s an almost empty Whitesands beach . . .apart from that ubiquitous doggie
Spring comes to St David’s – a very good year for bulbs
Planted some of last year’s seeds – red and yellow chillies . . .surprised so many came up . .must pass some on
Veronica’s bulbs all come up – so many more than last year – must be 2 year cycle? I counted over 200 in all the garden
The Spring equinox saw a very low tide (some 30cm!) allowing us to venture right out into seaweed land – lots of pepper dulce and sea lettuce.
My order of “Six hot chilli plants” arrived! And very healthy they looked. Potted them up.
Who’s for a few million Scovilles then??
It seems to be a good year for blooms – the gorse is quite amazing and against the blue sky, fantastic. There’s that dog again.
New lambs
A new walks for us – Pwll Strodur and inland to Aber mawr. A different aspect to see both Aber bach and Aber mawr.
Thanks to Mum for some Easter eggs – not had these for years! Also some of our tulips.
“….this week I be mostly drinking Kombucha Plum Green Tea!”
Steve’s latest creation – moving into his purple phase . . .keeping watch over the greenhouse
And finally . . .short walk out to Pwll Long – a keen eye will show a guy building a sitting platform, 2/3 of the way down . . to watch the sunset. When it gets a bit warmer . . . .