The Garden & Walkies

If you’re chewing on life’s gristle, daaaaan’t worry, just give a little whistle! And everything will turn out for the best . . .

Times may be tough ahead but we need to keep things light on here. . . so here’s a tip – get outside . . . a bit. We don’t have much of a garden here, thankfully, the last house had quite a bit and it took two of us over an hour just to cut the “landscaped” lawns! This wrap-around garden will do us and we must pay Veronica our heartfelt thanks for keeping this garden planted with such a variety of plants – I have counted over 100 tulips! So we have been doing of bit of tending and then we did a circular walk . . .

the front bed has alpine plants, tulips and so much more . . . we’ll not do much this season and just see what turns up
tulips are often tricky to grow and don’t last long but these are lovely
quite a few clumps of primroses
and the odd, unexpected surprise lurking in the undergrowth
Later, we did a stroll . . . the longer loop as we call it . .. down through the village to the old Mill, then up on to the coastal path and along to the Longhouse footpath, which cuts across fields to the “main” road and back home
it really is a lovely place to be and in the Summer, foxgloves grow along this path
I think Toby is getting tired these days and he starts to sit down if we pause to catch our breath – notice the very calm sea! Makes a change!
Aye, there’s ma wee humpshie tumpshie, just sublime . . .
looking back across the fields . . .the big tree in the middle is ours . . .
looking the other way to the Longhouse farm, with the Pwllderi ridge in the background
still a bit muddy but it is drying out . . .looking forward to those dry and dusty days when T-shirts and sandals are the mode. Until then, stay safe. Stay put and lift a glass to us! Iechyd da!

A big thanks to our friends who read this stuff & email nice comments. It keeps me going. And in some distant days, if we ever get that far, may serve as a reminder of all of these happy days. Xxx