Country’s Gone to the Dogs

Well, not this country but certainly England! I think we’re around 47,000 dead and I just found out yesterday that the whole of the Canary Islands only has a few 100 dead! What did we get so wrong. Sorry what did BoJo et al get so wrong??

Meanwhile, over down by ere . . . we had a trip to a garden centre – yippee – time to get out! We bought a few plants (see pix below) and a new hoe – I wondered if Apple made them, then it would be an iHoe . . .! The centre at Penrallt beyond Moylgrove was very good and had everything you could need. Life in Trefin goes on. Very quiet. We’re still getting the fish n chips from the Shed and the local shops in St Davids seem pretty well stocked too.

Cala lilies in a shady corner
Wall Pennywort – such a strange plant!
And to make up for the lack of Toby photos in the last post, here he is . . . getting on a bit. Aching limbs and stiff joints,
But down the beach, ball in mouth, he’s a puppy again, heading for the water.
Ball, ball, fetch master!
Life in the old dog yet . . . Toby too.
Back at the house – some new arrivals – House Leek or sempervivum tectorum – someone has a new app called Seek. It’s very good. Just point the phone camera at something and it goes away and identifies it . . .usually!
Another sempervivum
This is an Edelweiss – Leontopodium nivale
And another sempervivum – Bronco!! A great thing about these is that you can pull off the little babies and plant them to make more plants.
And out on the walk to the promontory – an arty shot of the wall leading to the Longhouse
Panorama views of the point – lots of plants to snap and identify… common ramping fumitory, kidney vetch, sheeps bit, common sorrel, ribwort plantain, sticky mouse-ear chickweed, red campion . .
Looking towards Abercastle . . hopefully we can walk there soon . . . .
Nice blue butterfly . . .
Back at the ranch . . . . my sous chef prepares her special dish – lasagna!
Decent green pasta from Italy- the Hammerite is optional!
What isn’t optional is a G&T