Grey Sea of Approval

Plucked up the courage to attempt the tricky path down to the wee cove at Pwll Llong. I’m keeping this a bit secret as it is kind of unofficial. The lads have been improving the path down but it had become a bit overgrown with ferns and briars – scratched legs to prove this! I went early, around 0900 and was rewarded with a stunning beach, tranquil surroundings but I was not alone – a big bull grey seal kept me company in the bay.

The short walk along the coastal path (not closed here)
Looking down to the bay
Looking back up the path…hmm, hardly seems to be visible
the lads have made some rough steps, which helps the last bit . . .
But well worth the struggle down for the view – looks almost Mediterranean . So quiet, so peaceful and all mine . . . apart from Silas, the bull grey seal . . . .
He can talk to the animals . . .
A great spot just to sit and stare; putting the madness and stress of the world behind you
Goodbye Silas! See you again sometime – the bay is all yours now.
Time to go, one last look back…. got to go and nurse my scratches! Next visit, take a bill hook to deal with the ferns and briars.