Wales remains in lockdown

Sorry there’s been no blog for ten days but two things have happened – firstly, not a lot and secondly, the black dog days have been encroaching. Still, the daily walks go on, it is getting warmer and the beer needs bottling.

Kind of spot the difference here. Both packets unopened but the lower one only has six crackers and not nine!! After a few emails, Crawfords sent me a £3 voucher! Hooray. And probably a note to their quality control department.
Back on the usual route for our daily dog walk…. down the road and into the wooded lane to the field. Here a weird panorama shot.
With spring low tides occurring at sensible times , I’ve taken to going down to the beach and just sitting on a rock . . . . nice.
Even in monochrome . . .
Another recent discovery has been to find small seams of iron pyrites or fool’s gold- just a few shiny seams- no mother lode of gold, sorry.
A drive back home via Llanon and a distant view of Trefin
more bee pix – these ones seem to be smaller and either have a yellow/white rear or orange
More garden surprises – a corner section with Cala lilies
The third Cranog brew has been bubbling for a while and it’s time to bottle. A first here, as we usually just decant it all into the barrel but we have found (oddly) that we just don’t get through it all and end up having to bin it (Nooo!). So this time it gets bottled. We have kept the 2 dozen or so Bluestone Brewery bottles and with the aid of a Vic Capper, we can re-use them. We also have lots of ex tonic bottles too. Needs a lot of rinsing, then sterilising, then more rinsing . . . .
Great fun with the capper
The Happy Brewer “I wouldn’t go that far” Steve…..
Well, we are learning lots about nature since we moved in . . . birds, plants, bees, geology and now seaweed! I saw a couple collecting seaweed on the beach (a commercial and allowed operation) and they told me that there’s a variety called spaghetti seaweed or thongwort… edible raw or cooked like spaghetti. Hmm, might give it a go . . . .
Ah, time for some proper food and not cooked by me! Tusind Tak to The Shed for doing their takeaway service – here hake, chips, lemon, tartare sauce and mushy peas!!!
Not on the menu (yet) but a moth seen in daylight, trying hard to camouflage itself
Ah, knew that old fridge from the lock up would “come in handy”. The beer cooler . . .just need the Summer now.
Lastly, another shot of the ridge… with eerie clouds . . . spooky