The Grand Erection

Regular viewers may remember the plans for a greenhouse – now that the overbearing sycamore tree has been cut back. And after much dithering, we opted for a Palram hybrid greenhouse with polycarbonate panels. Hmm, it arrived – together with the 104 page instruction manual.

Well, Steven put the galvanised steel base together…trying to find the most level spot – the weather for Thursday was set to be Scorchio, so we postponed the Grand Erection until Friday 0900. Note the hefty instruction booklet!
Short time lapse sequence – it did take over 4 hours with two of us plus the odd appearance of the dog

There were a few worrying moments as the wind got up and those flimsy uprights started to wave about but the kit was good – all the parts were numbered and the panels went in fine. It’s called a hybrid as it has clear side panels but translucent roof ones (82% transmission compared to 90% of the clear ones), should help with shading on hot days. Should we ever get those again.

Finished – with the plastic staging inside (phone camera pic)
Next day pic – (camera) – showing the wire plus tree anchors!
Viv ordered a new water butt – the greenhouse has special corners to direct the rain into a hose – neat plus another anchor point.
All this for a few pepper plants plus Viv’s tumbling tomatoes !