Flaming June?

Well, May was good- had a few hot days but June is proving to be “unsettled”. We were looking forward to Viv’s birthday and it got a bit damp but then the next day beautiful sunshine – we did the same circular walk and took photos and videos to show the difference….

On one of our trips out to the garden centre – we walked down the woodland path to the sea – Toby found a stream.
As is the case everywhere at the moment – deserted – this is Ceibwr bay – wonderful – must return here again.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch – or bar, as we call it – the cocktail glass rests on our bible “365 Cocktails” but this one isn’t in there – it’s Steve’s rather worrying creation: The Body in the pool! Make up a Blue Lagoon, carve out your figure from orange peel then drip grenadine on top!
Viv’s special day started with this view of the webs on the fence
A nice surprise from Chris & Lynsey – a hamper of cheeses from Snowdonia
Another equally nice surprise from Penny & Jenny – a vodka from Ireland! Lovely . . .
And there she is . . . another birthday present – margarita glasses . . . seems to be a theme developing here
With this lockdown, no one got to see Viv’s cards . . .so, a bit odd but here they are . . .
Margaritas:- Tequila plus triple sec plus fresh lime juice . . .salty rims and there you have it!
And on the menu . . .PAELLA! Fresh mussels and raw tiger prawns!
The kitchen was busy. Sous chef (Viv) chops up the onions, garlic and peppers . . what else… white fish, smoked fish, chorizo, more prawns, peas, paellero powder, herbs, smoked paprika, fish sauce and fish stock!
Half way through – Steve bought a new single ring, induction hob – to test the idea of using induction heating – and it is a success – instant heat and very controllable – see temperature settings!
Nearly done – put tiger prawns, mussels and red peppers on top – switch off and leave for 10 minutes.
Next Day, the sea fog rolls in . . . . a strange sight . . .
Two short videos joined together – to contrast the Pembrokeshire weather! Total white out of fog for a few days then the sun came out again.