The Future Wasn’t Supposed to be Like This

Strange how music comes round again. Steve loves his 1930’s stuff,especially Carroll Gibbons but we also like modern music – our favourite is MUSE but also The Killers as well as OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark). One of their more recent albums (and yes, they are still going) is English Electric . . . some of the lyrics seem uncannily up to the moment . . .the future you were expecting has been cancelled…..the future wasn’t meant to be like this . . . have a listen and maybe a little dance?

“Please remain seated” – might as well say . . . and 2m apart!
The Future will be Silent – well, it will be if we all die! Love the lines . . . the future was not meant to be like this . . . . where was the paradise that we were promised? The future you anticipated has been cancelled. ?? Maybe the Sunlit Uplands of Brexit? If we get 20,000 dead we’ll be doing OK!
From the same album – a great bass filled dance number – chance to lighten the mood, maybe as we re-arrange the deckchairs?