Sunsets, Space Rockets, Toby & that beach!

Well, it’s now June. And are things getting any better? Creo que no! They reckon there’s about 60,000 dead now. 60,000 people who won’t see this summer. The Cummings effect has meant more than 20% of folk have gone out and eased themselves out of their lockdown.. The roads and beaches were crowded on the hot weekend. I’ve been following Janey Godley, who does a wonderful, expletive filled voice over for Nicola Sturgeon – here’s the latest:

Meanwhile back in Wales . . . . some wonderful sunsets and a walk out to see the SpaceX capsule pass overhead on its way to dock with the ISS. It must have been a special atmospheric evening (in a meteorlogical sense) as we could see the outline of the Wicklow Hills in Ireland as well as the 2 quick flashes from the marker buoy outside of Rosslare.

A new edition of Private Eye came out this week and my blog wouldn’t be right without some rant….so, looks we’ve won Eurovirus! I think the last paragraph is a bit worrying too.
Now for the sunset pix . . this one taking with my arty hat on, taken down at the old Mill, Aberfelin . .could make a reasonable postcard?
a few minutes later, trying hard to catch the sun’s dying moments reflected on the sea
And then the stroll out to the point – aiming to see the SpaceX (2nd time around). Turns out we could’ve seen it from the garden but it was nice to be out at 2130 – so warm. And we wouldn’t of seen the coast of Ireland and the navigation lights.
Hmm, only a half-hearted attempt to photograph a wee thing, the size of a small car, travelling at 27,000 km/hr . . .I’ll ask my neighbour if he got a better picture but it was visible. The bright blur is the moon!

And now some Toby photos . . .

Poor old Toby. We think he’s going deaf. We go out and when we come back, he doesn’t hear us and come running like he used to. Still, he enjoys his walks, the water and chasing a ball.
Lots more to see in the natural world . . . . several kites flew overhead yesterday and today a lone kit e circled the house . .
Off at 0900 to the beach – this time with my trusty, old bill hook, to hack down the ferns and bracken
I spent a wonderful hour there… stripping off for a quick swim and just sitting on a rock chilling. Cool.
a short vid of the beach

One thought on “Sunsets, Space Rockets, Toby & that beach!”

  1. Yes – I’m afraid that the English Government continues to pile indecision onto disastrous decision onto more indecision followed by further inexplicably bad decisions that they are unable to explain in a clear and coherent manner. Thank goodness we have a First Leader and a Welsh Government that are able to take responsible decisions and explain them clearly so that everyone knows what the situation is, provided they are prepared to listen of course.
    Love the sunset photos, Steve. Really good and yes the Mill would make a great postcard. And bless the Swamp Dog – still a game lad! 🙂

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