Seals 2

Back for a second visit – this time with Viv. Seem to be more seals around too. Quite a lot more activity, with mother seals feeding their young plus a juvenile seal squealing a lot and trying to get to the sea. We also saw one of the white pups go out for a swim – never seen this before they normally just laze on the beach waiting to be fed…

Some new characters today – a brown seal – undergoing the change from white to grey plus a slightly older buddie who is almost there – he/she was making a lot of noise – probably complaining that Mummy hadn’t come ashore to feed him – he was trying to get to the sea but made painful progress.
Looks like the parents are out in the water – sometimes calling to their offspring
Hmm, did see a batch of kayakers but thankfully they didn’t come any closer. One of the guard parent seals did start to head towards them . . . just in case.
Meanwhile Eric (or Erica?) continued to moan and after a minute’s rest moved another 6 inches . .
Back on the main beach lots of mothers came ashore to feed their pups
Eric makes it to the rocks but no more for today . . .
A rather bored Toby says “Won’t anyone play with me??”
Yep, another rather jerky video sequence! Focussing mainly on the trials of Eric but also some shots of Mothers feeding their young and even going for a swim with one.