Seal of Approval

It’s that time of the year! The seals come ashore to have their pups. The conspicuously white pups just lie around doing not very much – feeding off mother . . . . . here’s some photos from our nearest cove at Pwll Llong – I counted at least twelve in this small bay with probably six pups. The short film is about eight pieces joined together – it won’t be included in any Blue Planet but it is all mine!

Pwll Llong – in between Trefin & Abercastle
When I first saw these I though that maybe it was a dead sheep, that had fallen off the cliff . . then I saw it move. I mean they don’t move much . . .I think in the next life, I wanna be one of these . . .
Tucked in close to the cliff and not visible from the main beach were these ones
They are so huge!
I even saw one pup drinking in all that high fat milk
This must be the photo of the day – I’m sure he must have seen me! Caption? “Hello World!”
Nearly eight minutes long – movie maker just joined all the short video sequences together