One Year On

Well, hasn’t time flown by. A whole year gone and quite a year too . . . if only we’d known . . . probably, if we had known, we may of bought a small place in the north of Tenerife . . .warmth, friendly and less affected by the virus. Still, Trefin is on the way . . .not quite as warm but not as cold as most of the UK and it is certainly a better place to be, if isolation is your aim.

Back to The Shed, Porthgain – last year it was for Steve’s birthday so this year it’s a celebration of One Year On plus the birthday.

All properly distanced and masked up . . .those lovely monkfish in batter plus decent chips and BIG gherkins
Viv looking rather splendid and displaying the Senior menu – another time for that, we’re having the full three courses with wine!!
A bright and dry day but still gale force winds . . .I don’t think we’ll ever get used to them. Here we are doing an inland walk from St Justinian, across fields and down to Porth Lysgi beach, our favourite.
A stunning location and today we have a very low tide and great skies . . . Toby loves it too
Candidate for my photo of the year? The dog alone.
Well not quite alone – my Seek App told me this was a Trigger fish, a bit rare but they do get washed up.
As does this – lots and lots of plastic. Most derived from fishing. An ugly site on this lovely beach.
On the way back – lichen on the trees – quite beautiful and fractal in nature
A whole row of trees covered with the stuff.
The beach . . . . plus wind!
Evolution . . . . . . ?