Coetan Arthur

The wind is back but it is a sunny day and we both fancy a stroll and it kind of isn’t raining, honest. So we went back to Whitesands – this time not up Carn Llidi but on to Coetan Arthur, a Neolithic burial chamber and no, nothing to do with King Arthur, this is 3000 BC.

Looking back towards Carn Llidi – last week’s heroic mountain climb (!) and in the foreground the burial chamber.
A bit underwhelming but it has lasted well. And so have these two – Toby was especially lively today, great a finding the path ahead and running all over the place and a squirmy or two.
Trying hard to make it look more impressive – I say that to all the girls!!
Very windy but dry . . . . I think I spotted a Unicorn . . . . .