It’s Life Jim, but not as we know it

At the moment it’s more like Life-Lite. We keep thinking there’s another me, in another dimension, where all is well; normal and everyone is just doing the normal stuff. Whereas, here…. people are getting sick and dying. What is it at the moment? 1.2 people dying in the UK every minute? That brings it home. And now we face selfish people driving 100s miles to their 2nd home/holiday home/holiday cottage. They probably think that it’s a getaway place, somewhere to hide out but it’s illegal to travel here! They could bring the plague with them and if not, they may get ill here and then take up the very few resources that we have in rural Pembrokeshire. Still, enough levity. I did say we’d keep things light – so we do count ourselves lucky. After all we did come here to be isolated – just didn’t hink it would be so literal and enforced.

I’ve found quite a few YouTube videos in my idle browsing . .some old and some new . . . to help… meanwhile, local pix n vids . .

Our local walk – that beach is apparently accesible!
Wonderful fields of daisies
The new phone camera has a great wide angle lens – there is a path down to that beach . . .one day
Looking back towards our house and on to the South
Round as far as we’re allowed to go – the promentory is Castell Coch – not sure why.
And a rest for Toby – looking good but getting a bit old – he was wrecked later on from this walk
The start of a few days of fantastic weather – the floods and gales of Dec/Jan/Feb seem a long way off
Back in the garden – more tulips – my resident plant expert tells me this is “tulip fire” where the colouring is caused by a virus . . hmm, nice though.
. . where the blog gets done – our wee dining room plus second bed chamber for Toby
Trying out bread machine recipes – today – Chelsea Buns!
What’s that bird? What’s the lovely song it’s making . . ? It’s a Robin. Always atop of the big tree.
Chilli peppers doing well – time to take in some rays . . .
Viv inspects her tomatoes – a tumbling variety plus a trough of herbs (oregano, thyme, sage and parsley). Viv impressed the locals today – she was passing an old couple sitting in their front garden who said Bore Da – but Viv looked at her watch and said Prynhawn Da (meaning good afternoon) – smug, eh?
doing our bit for posties and delivery men – getting them to put anything delivered in the garage
And on to our 2nd case of Stone Cold – from Bluestone Brewery! Bless em, they’re still working and taking online orders – all post free! Look em up.
short video of Castell Coch – and some outdoor views if you’re stuck inside

And now for those amusing YouTube videos . . .

Fun but educational . .
Slightly more “off the wall” but still very funny and the tune stays in your head! Next day, if anyone says Thank You, bet you’ll reply, Captain Dinosaur!!
Frog & the Scorpion – serious….. could replace scorpion with anyone really . . . .
A Classic – and one day, I’ll get round get to doing my own version of this . . . just need to source the costume??