Getting There

Or are we? I used to say when we were working that we were “sliding further down the razor blade of life” but now we are back on the land and back in our own ickle house; I feel that we are getting there and perhaps starting to settle. However, someone did say that, the only difference between a groove and a grave is just a matter of depth, so perhaps we shouldn’t get tooo settled! Cuando el perro ha muerto . . volveremos a las islas afortunadas? Quizas…

Meanwhile, here’s the weekly update

Viv took part in the great British Bird Watch . . . dozens of birds
All more than happy to quaff all our seeds
Naturally, this chap turned up a day later . . all are welcome
Steve still maintains the weather station . . . a rod for his back for sure . . . the station is at and on weather underground at
And people say, Are you really near the sea, do you have a sea view? Here’s their answer! A daily occurrence – Stena line’s ferry to Ireland. With winds greater than 40 mph, not a grand day to be ferrying.
Well, we have the kit and almost the enthusiasm but the cold and the high winds put a stop to our planned erection of the satellite dish! Tomorrow, maybe . . .
And yes, we have a shed. And a compost bin.
And this tree . . . perhaps the biggest in Trefin? You can certainly see it from the top road and from the coastal path . . . is it getting toooo close to the house?? And what is it exactly . . . . answers on a postcard