Despite the large aerials in the loft, the number of freeview TV stations plus the selection (i.e. only BBC2 Wales and no BBC2) spurred us to getting a satellite dish. We had one on the boat but left it behind as it was a small one with a magnetic base – more suited for the boat. We also bought a ladder. We waited for a decent day – we had previously done a scoping session – i.e. Steve stood around, waving the dish just to see if we could get a signal and lo, it was so!

Wednesday saw Steve put the dish up – bit of a palaver as it meant carrying the TV and satellite box (a very old Technisat one) out to the shed. Once the bracket was drilled onto the house and made level, the dish was easily aligned, with all the correct azimuth & skew!

The only odd thing was the cable that came with the dish was very thin and only gave a 5/10 strength signal – it worked but . . . we swapped the cable for an old, shorter but thicker one and wow, the signal strength went to 10/10. Hmm. We left the dish up but left the cable simply dangling – just to use it for one night. Meanwhile, we ordered a better cable

The new multi-jointed ladder
Final dish position – seemed happy to be at a lower height than planned
The odd arrangement of TV & box but it’s the only way to check the signal without buying expensive meters
All happy-ish
Toby supervises from his sun trap position
Friday morning – just an “after” picture with the new, thicker cable and the wiring all tucked under the guttering – job done. Probably saved us £100 . . .anyone need a satellite dish installed??