Stretching the legs

With so much weather about, it has been difficult to get out and do a decent walk along the coastal path. Today, the forecast was good, low winds and plenty of sunshine. We parked at St Justinian and did a circular walk – heading to Porth Llyski and then back on an inland route. This was quite a walk for us (and Toby) but it did feature a beach and then a pond, so Toby would be happy.

The new lifeboat station at St Justinian, with Ramsey Island in the background
We set off . . .
A glorious day with few souls about. The tour boats were working and doing trips around the island.
Still a few seals about (bottom left here – mother & pup)
Zooomed in of the lifeboat stations – the iconic old one – still used to embark tourists, as seen here
Viv & Toby – keen walkers . . . at the moment!
The tour boat approaching the rocks, called the Bitches – this was a very low tide and it was running fast. You can actually see a few inches difference in height around these treacherous rocks.
The beach is in sight – time for a lunch stop and to rest. Never seen such a low spring tide.
The route back – very gentle and soft underfoot – suits me, said Toby.
Steve’s Tiger’s Jaw cactus – faucaria tigrina – it only flowers if it gets more than 3 hrs of sunshine! Beautiful
Some rather fuzzy (must get a decent video camera) videos of the tour boat zooming out to the rocks