Saga Tour – Bluestone Brewery

Friday looked like a nice, sunny day. So time for one of our Saga runs . . . this time with a definite aim – the Bluestone Brewery! We admit to having tried a few of their brews and were keen to meet to meet their maker. I won’t be causing any local consternation if I say that the area is not renown for its beer but there are some new brewers here and Bluestone seems to be one of the best. See

We drove the pretty way, through the Gwaun Valley, often with grass growing up in the centre of the road but the views were stunning
The Gwaun Valley and the Preseli mountains
They have a great shop and bar – they were very kind to chat to us and show us around even though they were very busy – brewing (Ice Cold) and bottling. Note the three bottles, bottom shelf left of middle…..
We had a few tasters . . . the black ipa, the session ipa (Viv’s favourite) and the lager – just brewed
A quick peek into the brewing centre . . . smells good!
We bought a mix of 12 bottles (all their Ice Cold – notice the gap now) as well as noticing all the awards they have won. Let’s drink to their success for the future.

The brewery recommended several pubs to try their beers – we ended up at the Golden Lion in Newport – see

And we sat at this very seat by the fire. They have their own beer (brewed by Bluestone) and a fantastic menu – all a bit restauranty but very good!