nWeeks of Lockdown

Where n>5? It’s all getting to be a bit of a blur. One thing remains the same the government is consistent . . . in its lies, misinformation, care of the populace . . . Still we’re going to celebrate VE day (again). What is it with the British and their obsession with the war? We didn’t learn from the 1918 epidemic. We didn’t learn from the 1957 one either (very similar circumstances . . .bit of a “flu” virus, Tory government, famous for saying “You’ve never had it so good”, 30,000 dead . . .). At least we seem have chosen to right spot to isolated in and our local pub is doing takeaways!

We’re doing a wait-n-see approach to our new garden. Letting things just come up. Then next year deciding whether to replant/cut down stuff. There have been some wonderful plants – I think this one – wrongly described by Steve as a Triffid, is actually an oriental poppy.
This lot of lettuce was a freebie from M&S – their little seed pots at the checkout, brilliant.
And these? Saxifrage? London Pride?
A big surprise over in the corner, Calla lillies?
And the last of the tulips – a black one!
Meanwhile our “View From” picture . . .always good to come and stand here and just look…..
Zooming in from the last photo . . .brings up the white stone slab we sit on at the furthest point of our walk . . . another spot to absorb the view and heal the mind . . .
Trying out the slo-mo setting the new phone!
Back on that walk – bluebells and gorse are out . . .
Won’t be long before the foxgloves bloom too . . .
Must go back and take photos of all the plants – sea pinks, scabious, sea campion, sea squill . . . . .
the lads have been busy excavating and preparing the path down to the beach
Joy of the month – a takeaway! The Square & Compass is doing a limited takeaway menu – have to phone first, place your order, get a time slot. They then bring out the card reader to pay contactlessly and then you order is delivered thru the car window . . .safe & efficient service! Thanks Tom. The first night I didn’t have to think about cooking . . apart from homemade mushy peas and opening the Cava.
Saw a few of these masses of caterpillars . . . . tent caterpillar?