End of an Era

Some good but also sad news, the boat Adagio has been sold. Paul & Alison Jerome – experienced boaters have chosen Adagio to be their holiday boat and sailed away last Wednesday for a new base in Cropredy. We wish them well and maybe start a blog? We went up to North Kilworth to hand over the boat and also to see old friends! Had a great afternoon and evening with Gail & Jess.

Other news? We continue to explore the wonderful coastline with walks around Strumble Head, Newport Sands and our immediate locale. We now have a new stove. Took a while to fit it but Barry Williams of Silverstoves, Fishguard did a good job.

An evening walk out to the “point”.Very still with excellent light.
New phone takes very good panorama photos
Trying to give old Toby more walks – shorter but more often – it seems to help his digestion – ours too
Ah, yes, the saga of the inset stove. Open fireplaces are OK but only 30% efficient. And being used to our old Morso Squirrel stove on the boat, decided to put in a new stove (Carron Darwin 5kW)
It wasn’t easy but Baz & Connor got stuck in…and so did the lining but we won’t go there…it all got done in the end.
Quite a bit of drilling to get the old firebricks out . . .
Finally, Baz gets it to fit and does an ignition test – it works!
Shut all the air vents down and it goes out – lots of smoke but none escaping into the room! Brilliant. Hottest day of the year coming up tomorrow, so we’ll have to wait a while to give it a test.
A walk around Strumble Head
Another walk to Newport sands – walking along the estuary
Bit of a jungle – then out across the golf course . . .
To the heaving beach….. quickly avoiding all crowds . . .we came here early as it was low tide . .
And a certain dog could have a game on the beach . . .
A more local walk from our village (in the background) to Porthgain – not done this one since lockdown!
We’ve also found another new walk – perhaps for rainy days . . .
At the old airfield . . .looks like a lot of history here . . .
And finally – goodby to Steve & Lucia as we met up for a cuppa on our way home . . .