Yes, for those of a hatred of the wee creepy-crawlies – look at another post (by God, there’s enough of them but it keeps wee Stevie busy). Out on my own for a coastal path walk – with the aim to photograph some amazing caterpillars and I meet a Stone Chat on the way . .

The boys have been busy in their unofficial beach path . . . I look forward to a big beach party . . . one day
Looking back at Our House
It was in the month of May, when the lambs, they skip and play . . . I must sing this to you, one day . .
It’s beginning to feel more apocalyptic – as if I was the last man on Earth – there’s no one around and it’s starting to feel a bit creepy. Meanwhile, can you spot the bird? Centre photo – it is obviously protecting a nest. Mrs Stone Chat is sitting on eggs somewhere. Meanwhile, he toyed with me, for that can only be the phrase, as I walked along, he nipped from twig to crag, chirping . . .
My trusty Lumix DMC-TZ40 is so handy. It’s only got a 20x zoom and 13MP but it works. In contrast the new phone camera has a 48MP camera and records video in 4k! Is the kit or the chap behind it??
Yep, I wasn’t following him – it were t’other way around

I think he came out to have a look at me – not seen one of those for quite some time.
Ah, the creepy crawly bit. I think these are tent caterpillars. A general term for these bugs that form a protective tent against predators. We think they are the standard eastern tent caterpillars – please comment if you know better!
This is how they look – attached to a bush. I think it has to be a particular one, so they can eat it.
Yep, spot the stone chat – on stone this time.
Looking back across the fields to home . . . . it’s good for the mind to get out and just “be” in the big outside
I’m no farmer and know nout about cows but this one seems to be in trouble, she could hardly walk. Fortunately, by evening time , looking back across the fields, she was gone, along with the rest of the herd for milking.
Viv took this pic. A good sunset? No, it was a dawn photo. Looking across to Pwll Deri ridge.

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  1. Hi, Steve.
    These are the caterpillars of the Lackey Moth which belongs to the genus Malacosoma which has species across America and Eurasia. Generally known as ‘tent caterpillars’, species of other genera also make these tents such as Ermine moths but the caterpillars are very different.
    Nice shots of cock stonechat!

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