Carn Llidi – St David’s

A fairly local walk, travelling towards St David’s and on to Whitesands beach. From here we trekked up the coastal path towards the big rocks (Carn Llydi). A very unusual day NO WIND and sunshine. Such a rare event we made the most of it and went up to the top. Here we were surprised to see a concrete path and roadway – obviously WW2 construction and learnt later that it had a gun emplacement plus a radar station – previously a hydrophone station in WW1 – well worth looking up! The views were stunning and you could see why it was an important look out point.

the start of the coastal path . . .not too much up and hardly anyone about
looking back to Whitesands beach, with Ramsey island in the distance
At the top – the views just get better
And signs of the radar station

Panoramic view from . . .
Meanwhile, the local butcher was advertising boned & rolled turkey breast . . .seems a good deal….guess what we’re eating for the next fortnight.
What to do in lockdown? All a bit sad. Missing the community gatherings of pubs, clubs, theatres etc.
Luckily, there’s a lot of streaming media…lots….here we subscribed to the National Ballet’s new production Back on Stage – first time in 6 months. Not a great ballet fan but this was a collection of pieces – some trad (Swan Lake) and some very mod (Golden Hour?) plus they ended up (after 2.5 hrs!!) with Scott Joplin’s Elite syncopations (above) brilliant!